SDC Membership

SDC Membership Registration procedure: 1. Contact your Instructor and take SDC (Griet Skill development cell) number. 2. Fill the membership registration form through the link given below using the SDC number. 3. Once you SDC membership registration process is completed, you can join any course(s) through the links given below.

SDC Membership Registration Link:       Click here to open Registration form

1. Join Amazon AWS Courses:

AWS Course Registration: Join AWS courses through the registration link given below. AWS ACF is prerequisite for AWS Machine learning course.

S.No Course Description Registration link
1 Join AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner (CLF-C01)  Join AWS ACF Course
2 Join AWS Machine Learning Foundations Course (AMLFv1)  Announced shortly

2. Join CISCO Netacad Course(s):

CISCO Course(s) Registration: You can register only one course at a time. To join two courses you need to fill the form two times.

S.No Course Description Registration link
1 To join CISCO course use this link. (Common link for all CISCO Netacad courses).  Join CISCO Course
2 Join CISCO DevNet Associate Course - Special Batch. (limited Availability)  Join CISCO DevNetCourse

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